Debunking: Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson (thoughtawakening) part 1

Now, I could explain it in a long and winded few paragraphs, but I think I would rather show you the first illuminati conspiracist video I ever saw by thoughtawakening.

Now, as you begin to watch this video you will notice it uses verses where numerous artists make references to the illuminati using emotive phrases, imagery and background music.

If you’ve ever studied art, drama or media, that’s there to provoke a strong emotional response from the viewer; pulling you out of your logical mode into your less logical emotional mode where your senses are heightened, you’re a bit uneasy, scared, and willing to believe things a bit more easily.

Not saying this mode is entirely bad, but they have pulled it up for a reason – to brainwash you, to override any logical or skeptical thought and begin playing with you like putty. Unlike what the author claims, “Symbolism is mind control”, I will tell you that any psychologist will say “Symbols are what you make of it.”, this video you are seeing right here is using emotive manipulation to make you to let down your logical guard.

Let us continue.

The best way to make sure you are not believing in false and untrue facts is question everything you read – don’t believe anything without evidence – sit on the fence and keep your mind away from speculated or false facts, it doesn’t matter how much they bring up weird coincidences or try to call you a sheep – question everything. A true informer will never intimidate or shame you to believe things without evidence.

Now, look at this:

Lupus is a autoimmune disease, it is caused by your immune system malfunctioning. Vitiligo is a skin disease caused my your immune system attacking the pigment in your skin; as a person with mild Vitiligo myself I can confirm that through blood, or any form of transfusion – you can not catch Vitiligo. It is scientifically impossible. Unless one would go to assume to say they used “black magic” to infect them with the disease (which is the kind of logic these terrible conspiracists will go to if backed into a corner), then there’s no refuting that. But there’s no proving it either, so we don’t have to believe it.

Framed for molesting children is another thing that comes up often. As much as I love MJ, I do not know if he molested kids or not, and neither do you, innocent until proven guilty. However I believe with that logic you can’t say he was framed either; again they have no proof, nor have they questioned this; they are just stirring up more paranoia from air. The theory that MJ converted to Islam is an urban myth that popped out of the internet a few years back just before his death:

Now, he’s another part where it really gets interesting is this:

A worse kept secret in the world can be a lot of things, it could be a reference to his drug addiction, or his suicidal tendencies. It could be anything, I actually notice how thoughtawakening places this among all the emotive phrases and references to make you really think “Oh something’s going on here!”

Here, they take one of my favourite songs from Micheal Jackson and use his words (referring to oppression by government to minorities in society) and convert it into a “Help, I’ve been tormented by the Illuminati song.”.  He starts off with a fact, “Music activates nearly every region in your brain…”, and then mixes it in with his Illuminati conspiracy – making you feel like the whole thing written is the truth.

From what I’ve said so far, there is nothing more to say about this.

Err… nope. (It is intended to make the user actively look for letters in the map.)

Oh wait. Cool trick!

Basically, anyone still in logic mode will realize that they’re trying to undermine how you think now – to theirs. Otherwise you’re ignorant and clearly not paranoid enough.

So here, they show an interesting picture of a Washington DC map showing a triangular pyramid with uncanny resemblance to this:

Oh wait, it is that – that’s the symbol on the back of a dollar bill!

This is not the eye of lucifer, this is the Eye of Providence, and it was never kept a secret. I will be making a post going into further detail of this.

But I must say this, the eye of providence is related to the Eye of Horus as when westerners went over to Egypt they were very interested in Egyptian culture, and borrowed many of their concepts and implemented them, like the eye of trinity. The Eye of Horus actually symbolizes good luck and fortune, protection and is considered a good luck charm – which was come to be admired in many countries across the world. The Eye of Horus is labelled as satanic due to the cloudy myth that there’s a correlation to the birth of Jesus, since the Egyptian religion was there before the Bible – this would lead many to believe that Christianity copied the birth, hence a lot of people jumped on the defensive bandwagon saying that Horus is the antichrist.


Now,  how can you tell when a conspiracy theorist knows he’s used very little actual knowledge in his videos and has succumb to fear and emotionally manipulative tactics? They tell you to “wake up”.

Either that, or they call you sheep. Baa.


What is the llluminati?

What’s this Illuminati thing all about?

It’s not a simple thing to explain.

This is a common question, full of misconceptions, paranoia, and is shrouded by conspiracy.

The illuminati means “enlightened”, from this, people take the meaning and connect it to the fallen angel; Lucifer (Satan), the morning star. This connection is actually hypothetical and nobody has actually linked with actual proof that it is connected other than vague symbolism.
Now, illuminati conspiracists are my favourite kind of conspiracists, no matter where in the world you go, or where you are – you’ll find someone who believes in the modern illuminati conspiracists. That’s how effective these cheekers are.

Well here I am, I stand here, willing to challenge the idea and concept that a satanic overload is here to steal our souls and ruin society.

Now, let’s go on and explain the modern theory of the illuminati and the historical version of the illuminati.

The modern conspiracist version of the Illuminati

Illuminati conspiracists believe that many celebrities in the film and music industry are held under the Illuminati (perceived as a satanist secret society) and are their puppets for brainwashing the masses and bringing the new world order (where the world will be presumably held by one leader – satan, which is the end of the world and time for the anti-christ to come). The ones who resist the Illuminati are tormented or killed. The conspiracists use many symbols and interpretations to describe the illuminati, depending on their personal religion (eg: Islam, Christianity), or a hybrid of both: To attract both audiences.

People who don’t believe in those religions and belong to other religions are labelled as pagans – it is also my theory that these videos are here to mass-convert people into believing a certain religion or hate/like certain celebrities that the authors do not like. Either that or they are highly deluded.

This is not new, but it has re-awoken on many parts of the internet, mainly Youtube. Many of these well-known youtube conspiracists are:






I will be posting debunk articles on every video I get a chance to review, please make sure you spread this blog around. Any friends, co-workers or family you see being sold into this illuminati propaganda, show them this website.

The historically accurate version of the illuminati

The Order of the Illuminati was an Enlightenment-age secret society founded by university professor Adam Weishaupt on 1 May 1776, in Upper Bavaria, Germany. The movement consisted of advocates of freethought, secularism, liberalism, republicanism and gender equality, recruited in the German Masonic Lodges, who sought to teach rationalism through mystery schools. In 1785, the order was infiltrated, broken up and suppressed by the government agents of Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria, in his preemptive campaign to neutralize the threat of secret societies ever becoming hotbeds of conspiracies to overthrow the Bavarian monarchy and its state religion, Roman Catholicism.

The goals of the organization included trying to eliminate superstition, prejudice, and the Roman Catholic Church’s domination over government, philosophy, and science; trying to reduce oppressive state abuses of power, and trying to support the education and treatment of women as intellectual equals.

The historically made illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt (most illuminati conspiracists won’t even mention him). In his time, there were many corrupt churches – society was just corrupt in general. It was full of prejudice, superstition and inequality – consider the illuminati the communists of their time, feared and hated. Now, a lot of these illumnati people were atheists, agnostics, and some of them were deists, and they rebelled at the church. Problem is, in those times, secularism barely existed, anyone who was not a Roman Catholic was labelled a “Pagan”, which was what they technically was.

In Christianity, anyone who is a Pagan, regardless if they believed in God or not was with Satan – they just probably didn’t know it. So this is how the Illuminati got affiliated with Satan worship respectively. The original illuminati did not believe in Satan, and actually wished to educate the people in that time to simply stop burning their women as witches, and wonder about the origin of the universe.

If this sort of talk between Atheist vs Christian does not work well today, think about it over 100 years ago? That would have definitely smears those affiliated with the illuminati as satan worshippers.

Alas, here we are today.

I believe the Bavarian illuminati still exists; simply in many different forms, not as the paranoid conspiracists describe in their videos.